What people say about Sandra's workshops

Helping Your Organization Thrive! 

" A well planned, well executed workshop. I came away feeling invigorated and I look forward to making it an annual event."

"Being involved in two other board development seminars where I felt like a total imbecile, this seminar was refreshingly clear and understandable."

"Excellent practical knowledge and understanding of our situation."

"We covered a lot of the things that we needed to discuss.  Sandra facilitated the group very well, understood our situation and rearranged the process to fit our needs."

"This workshop has been valuable and timely for our arts council. I especially like the fact that there are action plans and not just visioning."

"We implemented several of Sandra's simple fundraising suggestions after the workshop and they worked!  We raised way more money through sponsorships and donations this past season.  We now have a fundraising program that works!"


"This workshop was a terrific morale booster for our group.  Sandra is extremely positive and enthusiastic."

"An inspiring workshop that has helped us all to grow.  I look forward to seeing Sandra again when our projects are beginning to bear fruit."

"I really enjoyed the workshop. Sandra's presentation is so organized, entertaining and informative.  I arrived in a state of dread; fundraising has always seemed so very daunting and unpleasant. I left in a state of excitement and I can hardly wait until the monthly payment plan is set  up so that I can start to contribute to my organization."

"What a difference it is making to our organization to have the new Board policies, Board job descriptions, the Board self evaluation process, the committee chair job descriptions and the Board timeline agreement. It has improved things greatly for the staff and the board as well."